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FREE Real Estate Education Hacks

With all the noise online, it's hard to decide where to turn to get the best information.

Out of pure desperation, many just assume these guru's know what they're talking about and drop thousands, sometimes tens of thousands on courses and masterminds, which are most times just a compilation of information that was already available to you for free.

You've already taken one big step toward this by entering my Student Portal. You now have access into the mind of someone who has already done much of what you're aspiring to do. Let's skip the overpriced weekend class in Miami & start with a few of my favorite ways to get free or close to free education.

1. Books at garage sales: I know this may sound silly, but some of the best information in real estate is in book format. I can't tell you how many countless lessons I've learned through reading content-packed books about LLC's, Real Estate Tax Law, books about Raising Capital, and Lending. Most of these books I was able to purchase for loose change I had in my pocket as most garage sale books cost 50 cents to a dollar, and many times can be cheaper than that or free. Sometimes if you're already out at a garage sale buying another item, the seller will throw in a book or two for free!

2. Following your favorite educators' social platforms. You'd be surprised what some share on their socials, and you may just get a new perspective into their minds!! I'll drop my links below. (Some of these are sparse, but I'm making it my mission to increase my content on here!




Instagram: @PrivateLenderBlake

3. Podcasts are an amazing yet free way to get information (not all of it accurate) from interviews with industry professionals, to some of the golden nuggets devulged through the narrator's ramblings. You'd be surprised how much education I've gained and continue to gain from podcasts. Of course most of them are trying to sell you something, so just be mindful of that and take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

4. Youtube and related sites are the most common place for would be real estate tycoons to absorb information. The main issue with this, however, is the quality of the content. Most of this content is created by gurus who make more money selling their "education" than they actually make in real estate.

5. Blogs are very slept on resources. Just look at this one! It's easier for me to type out an article than to make a video, and while reading is a less preferred method for many Gen Z and Millennial folk, some of the best nuggets can be found in the find print.

6. E-Books. Almost every entrepreneur these days (besides me) has a downloadable E-Book. Yeah they're probably either charging for it or using it as a way to collect your data, but if it seems interesting then why not, it's 100x cheaper than a course and usually free. Heck, even my Dad has one for his website at

7. Networking events and real estate meetups can be a great way to source information and rub elbows with some local legends, most of which will try to sell you something but just keep that in mind and take their information with a grain of salt. Many of these events are free events put on my the local chamber of commerce or investing clubs, skip the expensive luncheons and dinners where you have to pay. It's not worth it unless you already wanted the food they're serving.

8. This one is by far the most slept on... the local library! You would be amazed at the wealth of real estate and investing information found at the library. You could probably find 10 years worth of reading material there for the cost of a library card. Books, especially those written pre-internet era, packed so much good information and avoided a lot of the fluff we now see today. I don't know why that is, but it definitely is.

9. Movies, TV, & Documentaries. Aside from Youtube series content which can be incredible, there are some great movies like "99 Homes" that pack a surprisingly fresh perspective on the industry. If someone you know is brand new to investing, popcorn and a movie may be a more palatable way to introduce your passion to them. Passive investing is cool, but how about passive learning! I wouldn't rely on this as your main knowledge-gaining strategy, but it'll get the gears in your head moving.

10. There are some other great ways to obtain the information out there, but these are the basics. I hope you continue to follow me for more free tips & hacks!


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