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Lending Criteria

-Purchase Price > $50,000
-Loan Amount > $10,000
-Equity, cash, or collateral required (varies by deal)
-1st lien position only (may combine w other funding sources)

-USA property only

Lending Terms

-No Upfront Fees
-No Monthly Payments
-No Appraisal Fee
-No Origination Fee
-No Interest %
-Flat lump sum added to back end of loan (varies by deal)

-Each deal is taken on case-by-case basis

Lending Process

1: Decide & agree on deal terms
2: Sign non-binding LOI (Letter Of Intent)
3: Send LOI to local 3rd party attorney
4: Attorney drafts documents & initiates title work/Lender’s policy

5: Wire sent & closing

Loan Types

-Cashout Refi's

-Construction Loans

-Rental Purchases

-Blanket Loans

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